How to Manage Stress in Seniors? A Guide for Caretakers

Stress is a body’s response to a situation that requires immediate action as it defines how a person will react to a challenging or threatening situation. It is caused due to a chemical agent, environmental condition, external event or other stressors.

The common symptoms of stress are headaches, insomnia, depression, blood pressure and blood sugar disturbance, decreased immune functioning, changes in eating habits, mood and weight, short-term memory difficulties, concentration difficulties, less attention to personal hygiene and self-care, unidentified fatigue and irritability. These are serious problems, which become even harder to handle during old age.

As seniors have to experience many life changes and with growing age, their bodies become less resilient and more prone to health problems, the stress has become very common in them. Being the caretaker, you should identify the reason behind stress, its symptoms in the early stage and implement the best stress managing strategies.

In this blog, Abbey Lawns nursing home in Liverpool, has tried to introduce the best approaches and strategies to manage stress in seniors. It will help caretakers to take better actions.

Two Approaches that help manage stress in seniors:

  • Dealing with Source
  • Holistic Stress Relief

To deal with the stress and introduce solutions, it is important to identify the source. Then, accordingly, you can talk to the seniors and understand what they are going through. And depending on that, you can find the best solution to control it.

For instance, you can make them aware of available financial plans and insurances for any stress related to a financial crisis or introduce them to financial advisors or accountants. If the stress can’t be reduced after understanding the source, you can involve them in stress-relieving activities.

5 Strategies to Manage Stress in seniors:

1. Research for Caretaker Resources: The family wants to offer the best possible care to their loved ones, and that’s why they look for the best caretakers. However, sometimes paying for care itself is a challenging and stressful part of giving the best to elderly parents.

We would suggest looking for financial assistance or long-term care services to offer quality and affordable care to them. You can also search the residential care homes in Liverpool as they can provide the best care to your loved one and reduce your caregiver stress level. They have different care programs, where you can choose the best fit as per the senior’s needs.

2. Accept your Limitations: When taking care of the seniors, you should know what you can do and what not. It will help you know your limitations and offer the best in your capability. Also, you can make plans depending on what is working the best for the seniors and modify it as per the situation. Just believe that you are offering them the best and make decisions accordingly. When your strong points combine with your caretaking skills, you will easily be able to manage stress in seniors.

3. Set realistic goals: Handing seniors might not be as simple as it seems to be. And the biggest mistake caretakers do here is that they initially tried to take big footsteps. However, small butterfly steps could solve the issue to handle them properly. You can set realistic goals and break a large task into small steps. As per that, you can prioritise and establish a daily routine. We advise you to indulge seniors in gathering so that they can build meaningful friendships and never feel alone.

4. Lifestyle changes: Sometimes, the worst lifestyle can make elders feel stressed and depressed. So try to involve them in activities like yoga, exercise, meditation, creative hobbies, getting outside, playing with pets or grandchildren or attending classes and courses that directly promote peace of mind, relaxation, and positivity. You can understand the interest of seniors and then pick the best activity for them.

5. Prioritise Health: Healthy routine leads to a healthy life; therefore, give priority to the health requirement of the seniors to make their life stress-free. Caretakers can set a goal for a better sleeping routine, make them physically active, encourage healthy eating and keep them hydrated.

Many seniors feel difficulty while sleeping, which can affect their health over a period of time. So, being caretakers, if you notice insomnia symptoms in the sleeping cycle of the caretaker, discuss with the doctors. Abbey Lawns nursing home in Liverpool introduces regular doctor visits to ensure that all seniors stay healthy and find the timely cure for any health problem.

Final Words:

Stress Management is the key to promoting the best overall well-being. And being caretakers of senior citizens, you should better understand stress, its effects, causes and ways to manage it. It will make you more reliable, and you can easily bring happiness and health to the senior’s life.

It’s never late to begin implementing stress-management techniques in your caretaking style. And if you want professional help, don’t hesitate to connect with Abbey Lawns. We are one of the best dementia care homes in Liverpool that offer Avant-garde nursing care to your loved ones. Dedicated to following safety and quality care standards, Abbey Lawns could be the best for anyone looking for advanced and person-centred excellence.

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